Additional Services-Must be scheduled with Office 863-324-2000

Window Cleaning
$14 per window, standard, tall sliders (double only, +$5 for additional)
$5 per window- small, with no tracks or screens
$18 per window – second story windows
-$2 no tracks, -$2 no screens

$8 each dishwasher load

$15 each load, (washing/drying/folding each load)
$8 folding/hang up clothes (that were already washed)
$8 For removal of bedding, wash and replace per load.

$125 per hour (includes 2 people)

Oven $10  (included in package A, once a year)
Fridge $20 to $45  (Everything will be taken out), (included in package A, once a year)

Patio $10 (included in package A, once a year) $25 with kitchenette

$5 to $10 (if you add a pet to your home, please notify office)

Bedrooms $5 each
Master Bedroom $10 ea.

Master Bathroom $15
Full Bathrooms $10, Half -$5

Package “A” add $25.00 to your Package B price.
Package “A” is divided into 2 cleans: Zone 1 & Zone 2. This must be split into 2 separate cleans. (This only applies to homes under 2500sqft)
For Oven, Fridge and Patio to be included in Package A must have used the service for at least 3 months before adding cleanings.

***All additional work must be requested in advance***